Beverly Dame writes from a small bungalow on the bank of the Massawippi River in North Hatley, Quebec.  A native of Kansas City, Missouri, she lived for more than 30 years in Washington, D.C. Her roots are in the Midwest and South where her grandparents grew up on farms.  They brought the conviviality and hard work of country living with them to the city. She loved her childhood visits to farms even when she had to deal with outhouses and snakes in the garden. Retired from work in public relations and communications, she’s an active member of the Anglican (Episcopal) Church and an avid photographer. A former Girl Scout who loved everything about camp except the mosquitoes, her interest in nature and adventure has taken her on canoe trips to the Northwest Territories of Canada and Northern Ontario. Thanks to a former client she went to Resolute Bay in the Canadian arctic to meet the Steger Expedition to the North Pole on their return. Gardening, nature, the normal travails of a retired life with occasional explorations of religion and spirituality are what you will find here.


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