The Sea Around Us

When I started this blog last month the idea was that I would enforce the daily discipline of writing. So much for that. Somehow the writing got lost in the gardening, bridge, entertaining, and being entertained that are all part of summer in North Hatley.

Last week it was a trip to Brier Island, Nova Scotia that got in the way of the writing. Brier Island is far. How far? Drive eight hours east, overnight in St. Andrew’s by the Sea, drive two more hours, take a ferry for two hours, drive west until you come to the Petit Passage, take a ferry (10 minutes), drive the length of Long Island to the Grand Passage, take another ferry and you are at Westport on Brier Island. Google Maps says close to 12 hours. It took 14 on the return trip because the ferry schedule was in our favor. This is one instance in which capitals are allowed. It is FAR. It is also beautiful.

Brier Island is on the Bay of Fundy known for the highest tides in the world. You can best gauge the size of the rise and fall on the ferry. You get on at one time and the ferry railing is level with the top of dock. Another time and the top of the dock is 15 feet above you. Reach out and you can grab seaweed and moss.

This is not the sandy beached Atlantic of the Delaware and Maryland coast. It is the Atlantic of rock-ribbed Maine. There is one sandy beach at Sandy Cove on the Digby Neck. The rest is rocks, seaweed covered rocks and and pebbles. If you are lucky you can even find sea glass. Mostly it is rocks so I took pictures of rocks. Here they are. Words next time.A Touch of Color Green on the Beach IMG_7072 Rocks and Barnacles and Cockles IMG_7065 IMG_7071 IMG_7063