A kindred spirit. Why do we stop doing the things that give us joy? Dance on….

Just Laura Belle

The other day I danced. It made me wonder. Why did I quit dancing? Growing up I lived to dance. I took jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance. I taught myself what I could from MTv. (Anyone remember MTv) In the talent portion of the beauty contests I entered, my talent was always dance. In school I formed a dance club where my friends and I would take turns dancing or make up dances together. It was my goal in life at that time to be on Star Search. (Anyone remember that show). Here’s the thing, I am not a great dancer. I never have been, mainly because I just wanted to dance. I didn’t want a strictly choreographed routine. I didn’t want to know what move I was going to make next. I just wanted to do whatever I felt like doing in that second. Then I just quit and never danced again. Not for…

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