It is a jungle out there

Discipline. I have started this blog to give myself the discipline of daily writing and the thinking it requires. Writing is not easy. Well, maybe for some people. Rather like gardening. Some people, perhaps those who grew up in a gardening family, know what to do when confront with seed potatoes,  spinach seeds, or dahlia tubers. They go, “Wow, thanks” when the neighbor announces that they have divided the rhubarb and ask, “Do you want some?” I went, “Wow, thanks” and asked what I should do with it. “Just plant it some place where it will be forever. Rhubarb doesn’t like to be moved.”


I took this close up of her rhubarb patch last Spring after some of it had been cut and turned into strawberry-rhubarb jam. It occurred to me that just like plants some people want to stay in one place forever. They really don’t like to be moved. And others are perfectly content with pulling up those cliched roots and actually exploring what it would be like to live in Moorea or Patagonia.

I have gotten to know a family that is in the military, Air Force to be specific. He’s the officer but they are all in the military since where he goes so do they. This is what they call PCS time for Permanent Change of Station. The family finds out if they have another year in their home and garden, with their friends, their children in their school and with their friends. Or, some anonymous person is going to decide that it is time for them to move on. Do they have more choice than my neighbor’s rhubarb? Not a lot. There are many benefits to being in the military but for families with children, this is not one of them. My friends have become experts at making new friends, exploring their new environment and holding on to the best of the places they leave behind. I hope my rhubarb has the same resilience.


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